Parent Testimonials

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Lisa (Lewis' mam)

I feel my son’s time spent at the school has been a positive experience for him. Lewis has never really enjoyed his time at secondary school. I have battled with him on many occasions just to get him to leave the house and attend school. I feel that schools try to get children to fit into a box; unfortunately not every child will. Initially when Lewis was told he would be attending the school he was reluctant. He did not believe he belonged there as he is not a “naughty” child, he just made a mistake. Lewis accepted that he had to go to school and in the first week of him being there I could see a change in him. I no longer had to battle with him to attend; he got up on a morning with no drama. For the first time he was no longer made to feel like he had to fit in that box; he was allowed to be the amazing young man he is, he was supported by staff and spoken to like a young adult. Lewis felt like he was respected by staff and in return he offered respect back. I, as his mam, wished that there were more schools like this with a great staff team like yours. I have been contacted on a regular basis by various staff members, including Richard, to offer updates on Lewis’ progress. I have been given positive feedback and also been informed when Lewis needed to improve by his teachers. I have nothing but thanks to offer to you all for the amazing work that you do.

Sarah (Ethan’s mam)

The communication with staff at Durham Gateway - whether it was positive or negative feedback - was very good, which was not the case in my child’s previous school. I feel that the school has been very supportive for both me and my child. The smaller class sizes and the staff to student ratio was a much better setting to help with my child’s education. I can’t thank the team enough for what they have done for my son.

Heather (Mathew’s carer)

Durham Gateway has really helped with Mathew’s confidence, which in turn has massively improved his attendance. The staff could not be more helpful and have really tried to get Mathew to engage in his lessons. I would highly recommend this school for children who do not necessarily suit mainstream education.

Amanda (Amy’s mam)

Excellent school for my daughter given her needs. I am so glad she got a placement here. Staff were friendly, understood my child’s needs, great communication from all staff members - I could not fault this school in any way. If problems occurred they were contactable immediately and resolved any issues in an acceptable time frame. I feel my child buckled down and was able to complete work to a good standard in this school, which she wasn’t able to do in previous schools due to their lack of understanding and needs of my child.

Michelle (Aaron’s mam)

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for Aaron. He starts college on September 1st – exciting!

Josh’s Dad

Good morning, we've just received Joshua’s grades. can't thank you and your staff enough for the work on getting Josh back on track and giving him a chance.

I think staff attitude and understanding of pupils needs was key.

What a fantastic school you run, making a difference to pupils that otherwise would be left to fail.

Kody’s Mum and Dad

Hi Richard, Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for helping Kody get through his GCSEs in the short time you had with him. The difference in him while he was with you was really noticeable which goes to show how the right environment can really help kids who are struggling. Thank you to all of you as well for having a more empathic attitude towards behaviour and consequence. The normal school response tends to exacerbate situations which doesn’t help anyone. Kody was much more relaxed and happier over the last few months which was lovely to see.

Thanks again and good luck with your future intakes.

Damien’s Mum

Good afternoon I just wanted to say thank you! I’m super proud of my sons’ achievements whilst attending Bishop Auckland Gateway, you all took him on, no judgement, he has issues that as a College was dealt with immediately, the extra help he required during lessons he received.

I truly feel that the structure, routine, boundaries, understanding and layout of the day was perfect, education isn’t a one size shoe fits all! He enjoyed the three core subjects in the morning and his vocation in the afternoon, I feel it helped that he got to sample each vocation, to ensure he learnt to the best of his ability.

I felt the small class sizes aided his concentration, there weren’t any issues with making friends, the social time he enjoyed Richard and Rash having a footie match, staff supported Damo during any periods of frustration, Isaac he was particularly fond of, well rewarded for positive behaviour, which really encouraged his good behaviour.

My son has passed his GCSEs, he has now moved onto a training provider, using the construction life skill you guys gave him the chance to try!

I am truly grateful for everything you have done to help Damo, and me too, get on the right path and let him understand that it's ok to be himself, you were the right educational setting for my son.

Thanks again to each and every one of you at Durham Gateway!

Kind regards Rachel Thomas